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  • To activate your card you just have to make a call or send a SMS to any number from any network.
    Up to 1 hour later, you will receive a confirmation text.
    After activating the card, you have 14 days to register it in to continue to have the advantages of your new plan.

  • To charge your MOCHE Card you just need to know your mobile number and nothing else.
    You can charge in a MB ( minimum €7,50), Homebanking (minimum €7,50) or in MEO Stores (minimum €5).
    Note: When charging, choose either the option MOCHE or MEO.

  • You only need to have enough balance in your card to discount the weekly value (€2,75).

  • If you do not have enough balance, you will have a negative balance. To get all the conditions that MOCHE gives you back, you just need to charge your phone so that your balance goes positve again.
    While your balance is negative you can not make communications, but you can still receive them.

  • You can consult the PIN and PUK of your card in
    You can also scrape the grey area of the security card.

  • You can consult it in MOCHE's Customer Area: or insert *#123# in your smartphone.

  • The value is charged according to your plan every week on the same day of the week (if the last debt was on Monday of this week, and if you don’t change your plan, the next will be on Monday of the next week).

  • You will receive a SMS when you reach 80% of the monthly Internet limit and other SMS when you exhaust the Internet of your MOCHE plan.
    Insert *#123# in your smartphone to consult available plafond.

  • You will receive a SMS when you spend 90% of the minutes and another SMS when you exhaust the minutes of your MOCHE plan.
    You also receive a SMS when you are about to spend the free SMS (when there are only 250 SMS for MEO Mobile Network and 50 SMS for other national networks left) and you receive another one as soon as you exhaust these plafonds.
    Insert *#123# in your smartphone to consult available plafond

  • When you navigate in free apps you do not spend the Internet cap that is included in your MOCHE plan. Please note that you can only use the free apps as long as you have the general Internet available (Internet of your plan, or extra Internet you have bought or got from an offer).

    If you find that this is not happening, check:

    - If you have your MOCHE conditions active (when you have negative balance you lose the conditions).
    - If you have exhausted the monthly limit foreseen for these apps (ex: 5GB / month on Youtube and Twitch on the prices MOCHE Legend 1GB).
    - If the content shown in the free apps originates from other third party apps or sites (for example: Facebook videos that are from other sites).
    - If you are accessing abroad in the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland, you have a unique Responsible Use Policy (PUR), which covers your base, the number of apps and the YouTube and Twitch tab:

    MOCHE Legend 1GB: 4.3 GB / month